MLG & Co


MLG & Co contacted us to make a complete redesign of their website. Prior to our intervention, the layout and work solutions company only had a static website. The challenge was to build the brand’s design identity based on the original logo, and to offer a logical and intuitive architecture that enhances MLG & Co’s know-how.

Build a strong identity

MLG & Co connects principals and building owners with independent building companies. So we bet on the straight lines, evoking the solidity. We have modernized the logo, staying close to the original logo, according to the wishes of MLG & Co.

Follow a line

The straight lines are found throughout the site, so as to preserve the harmony. The blog system designed here allows to show the news in their entirety from the main page: no need to click on the article to read it in full. These are news items inspired by news agency news.

Highlight the important info

How to explain a complicated core business without drowning the reader in the information? This question was quickly imposed, and we used several tips to answer this need of clarity and information: classics accordions, very practical, as well as hovers helping to understand the subject of the image.

Adapt content to all screens

We have adapted the content to all screen sizes, for all media: computers, tablets and mobiles. For this, we have deployed UX know-how to ensure a good experience on each of these media.

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