How to keep your website safe in 2018 ?

Website security is a key challenge for companies today. Unprotected, your website can be an easy target for hackers or spambots which could really alter your business. Jacob Roach, from Cloudwards, reveals to you the main threats, and main tricks to counter them.

The most common threat comes from spam. Spambots can really ruin your website by posting inappropriate or malicious content and might slow it. DDoS attacks also become more frequent, blocking access to your site and sometimes paving the way for a malicious attack. But the biggest danger you may face are malwares : they may gain access to private data or be used for financial gains.

Now for the best ways to keep your website safe : use a firewall, which will protect you from internet threats. Enable DDoS protection, efficient to prevent such attacks. Install an antivirus on your website. Register your domain privately, to avoid giving away your personal info to WHOIS ; and for your own safety and the users’, install a SSL or TLS certificate to crypt interactions between the user and the website.

More generally, update your software regularly, choose your web host carefully, change your passwords from time to time and don’t hesitate to call in professionals who can help you through the maze that is website security.

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